Next-generation sorbent!

Based on apple pectin

Digestive system

Zhidkij ugol is a line of sorbents based on natural apple pectin. Pectin binds harmful substances of various origins (toxins, drug breakdown products, allergens, toxic products of metabolism, etc) found in the GI tract and transports them out of the body, thus preventing them from being absorbed into the bloodstream. Substances harmful to the human body also exert a harmful effect on the GI tract microbiota. Which is why pectin as a sorbent is supplemented with a prebiotic called inulin. Efficacy of use in intestinal infections, allergies, parasitosis is confirmed by clinical researches. Does not induce problems in the Gastrointestinal tract, unlike most sorbents.

Move Zhidkij Ugol (Liquid Charcoal) For Kids
Zhidkij Ugol (Liquid Charcoal) For Kids

A next-generation sorbent

Move Zhidkij Ugol (Liquid Charcoal)
Zhidkij Ugol (Liquid Charcoal)

A next-generation sorbent